Study Skills & Time Management Workshop

Study Skills & Time Management Workshop


It is never too late or early to learn how to build the habits of study success. Do you feel like things come easy and you do well without studying? This is a trap! This won’t last forever. Do you feel like you’re struggling so you tend to give up before you even begin? That doesn’t have to last forever! In this workshop wherever you are on this spectrum, you can be sure to become familiar with the tools that will help you with test taking, studying, academic stress, and time management. We will practice structuring, outlining, and managing your unique study/school schedule so you leave with a solid plan.

This is a one-day, 1-hour workshop. Recommended for grades 6-8.

Fall Block 1 Offering:

  • Sunday, 10-11a: 9/15

  • Sunday, 10-11a: 10/13

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