Afterschool Program

Me v. Global Climate Change


Starting this coming academic year (September 2019), Urban STEAM Lab will be offering afterschool pick-up and care for 3rd through 5th grade. Students will be picked up promptly at 2:40p from their school and will head directly to Urban STEAM Lab for hands-on learning, inquiry, connections, and fun. This year, our theme/focus will be global climate change, its consequences, and what we can do as individuals and as communities to combat our world’s biggest threat. See our detailed daily schedule below:

2:40-3p: Enjoy our walk to Urban STEAM Lab and maybe collect some specimens for later viewing! Backpacks will be pulled by staff in a wagon. Heavy backpacks, growing spines, and long distances make for a bad mix.

3-3:15p: Brain food and water break. Snacks are provided. No peanuts allowed, if you choose to pack snack for your scientist.

3:15-4p: Homework time! This time will be dedicated to starting and working towards completing any homework. Instructors will be available for questions and guidance.

4-5:30p: Project-based learning! Become inspired by the real-life challenges affecting our world and do something about it! Learn all about the engineering process and the scientific method as we take a deep-dive into what it means to be a global citizen. Talk to real scientists, build real tools, and explore sources of renewable energy.

5:30-6p: Wrap-up, unwind, and play some board games!

Other Pertinent Details

  • There will be 2 instructors/staff present during pick-up and class time.

  • Sibling discount of 10% total purchase. Promo code: SIBLING

  • Enrollment in afterschool program includes one free Open Lab per month.

  • Each scientist will be provided with a lab notebook and t-shirt.

  • Afterschool program is billed each month and due by the 5th of each month. If payment is late, a $35 late fee will be applied to your account.

  • In order for Urban STEAM Lab to continue providing quality education at reasonable prices, we cannot allow rescheduling or private refunds for missed classes.

  • If you wish to withdraw from the afterschool program, you will receive a 100% refund if written notification is received 30 days prior to the first day of the class. 50% refund will be made otherwise.

Grades 3-5

Afterschool for 3-5 will be available Monday through Friday from 2:40-6p.

For our 3-5 scientists, we focus more on the nitty-gritty of global climate change. Not only will they be picking up skills like collaboration, resilience, and comunication, but they will also begin to delve into how to read data and apply it to their own scientific inquiry. Our projects will include elements of benefit-cost applications, materials science, economic justifications. Enrolling up to 12 scientists. $100/scientist to register (applied to tuition).


For 2 days/week: $350/month billed monthly

For 3 days/week: $510/month billed monthly

For 4 days/week: $650/month billed monthly

For 5 days/week: $780/month billed monthly

To continue our mission of making science education accessible, reduced tuition will be offered on a sliding scale. Inquire directly for details.